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Perspectives offers the following seminars to assist both management and employees through the very difficult task of reorganization, downsizing and/or restructuring.

Management Survival Strategies:
In times of downsizing, senior managers find themselves in multiple roles; including: Decision Maker; Decision Implementer; and Decision Victim.

Assisting your organization to develop short and long term goals to meet the pressures of today's environment and develop a vision for the future.

Coping in a Changing Workplace:
A seminar designed to assist all employees at all levels to cope with the many changes that are occurring in today's working environment.

Stress Management: In the Workplace
Stresses come from all directions, with social stresses ever increasing. Are you prepared?

Some stresses we can address directly and resolve. Others are largely beyond our control. Learn how to assess stress. Learn how to address those stresses that you can impact. Learn how to let go of stresses beyond your control. Make stress an opportunity for growth, change and a better stress reduced lifestyle.

Team Building
Some of the players have changed, while the coach and management is in the process of change. How can we build a dynamic yet supportive team? Learn how to function effectively within the reality of today's changing workplace e.g. dealing with the loss of colleagues, reassignment of responsibilities, etc.

Career Counselling and Development:
Everyone has skills they have acquired through their professional career and life experience. Discover these skills within yourself and learn how to transfer these skill sets to other areas.

Conflict Resolution:
Change in the workplace can cause conflict at all levels. Conflict is expensive and can drain resources. This seminar will assist you to design conflict resolution systems within your organization.

Renegotiating a Leaner Machine: An empowerment model for management/union negotiations. Negotiation strategies and the development of alternatives to a negotiated agreement.

To register or to find out more about these seminars:
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