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The number of sessions each employee and family member is allowed to access free of charge depends on the plan chosen. If a spouse or child of an employee requires the services of Perspectives, they will be allowed the same amount of sessions.

An Employee Family Assistance Program is designed for short term intervention and case management. If it is determined by the pathology presented that long term counselling is required, a referral is made to local community resources that already provide this type of service. A relatively small percentage of the client population will require long term psychotherapy. However, if a referral is made to community resources outside Perspectives, the person will be supported by Perspectives until they have been accepted into the outside resource and are receiving active treatment.

An example where Perspectives would use outside resource is when a person may require treatment for alcohol/drug abuse. The local treatment centre or another specialized treatment centre will be accessed. The person will be actively supported until such time that they are receiving active treatment.

During and after treatment, Perspectives will follow up with the employee to support them through the process, and assist them to attain their treatment goals.