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Stress Management: Home/Workplace
Coping in a Changing Workplace
Team Building
Principle Based Leadership
Counselling Skill Development

Youth and Addictions: Drug and Alcohol
Addictions in the Workplace
Relapse Prevention

Learning Disabilities: Assessment and Intervention
Learning and Environmental Influences
Attention Deficit Disorder
The Impact of Nutrition on Behaviour and Psycological Functioning

Coping With Separation and Divorce: Adults, Children, Youth
Single Parenting
Conflict Resolution Within the Family, The School, The Workplace
Marriage, Cohabitation Preparation
Violence in the Workplace, The Home, The School
Educators as Pivital Persons in the Social Development of Children/Youth
Anger Management

Human Rights: How it Works. When to use it
Estate Planning, Wills, Powers of Attorney
Youth and the Yound Offenders Act
Surviving Small Claims Court
Consent to Treatment, Death, and Dying Issues

Topics in Mental Health: Suicide, Manic Depression, Schiziphrenia
Complimentary Therapies: Homeopathy, Specialized Kinesiology, Herbology
Spiritual Development

Grief Management
Financial Health and Debt Counselling

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