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An Employee Family Assistance Program is purchased through your place of employment. Employers/employees meet with Perspectives to tailor an E.F.A.P. plan that will meet your needs. Once your place of employment has an E.F.A.P., counselling sessions are free to all employees and members of their family. Perspectives is not just an assessment referral service.

"Perspectives offers total one stop counselling, assessment and educational service".

When Should I Call Perspectives?
Personal, family, workplace planning and life issues are an integral part of our lives, as we move into the 21st Century. Perspectives' resources offer counselling, consultation and education to foster understanding, growth, and resolution of issues in the heart, the home, and the workplace.

Perspectives will tailor an Employee / Family Assistance Program that will meet the needs of both the employer and employees. There are several workshops and seminars to assist both management and employees through the very difficult task of reorganization, downsizing and / or restructuring.

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