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Perspectives is an incorporated, community based, service that provides professional counselling, assessment, consultation, trauma response, and educational services.

Perspectives provides: access to professional counselling, assessment, consultation, trauma response, conflict resolution and educational services.

Perspectives accesses: clinical psychologists; lawyers; psychotherapists, psychometrists; workplace consultants; family, child and youth counsellors; couple, individual and marriage counsellors; addiction counsellors; health consultants; financial health and debt counsellors.

Perspectives addresses: a broad spectrum of Human Needs and Issues and has a wide variety of professional resources available to their clients.

If your place of work has an Employee/Family Assistance Program with Perspectives, there is no cost to you or your family.

If your organization does not have an E.F.A.P. call Perspectives at 705 476-7613, and inquire about our geared to income fees. All calls are welcomed and will remain confidential.